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Use Active Directory GROUPS for Administrators

Dawid Bbn



I am about to migrate some Citrix published applications from on-premises farms/sites to Citrix Cloud.

My company has several helpdesk teams (i.e. Helpdesk Administrators) with dozens of people in them.


My aim was to reuse our exsiting on-prem/AzureAD Active Directory security groups for permissioning Citrix admins but this does not seem to be possible.  I was advised by Citrix Support that it is not feasible to use  GROUPS in Indentity and Access Management -> Administrators. This means that in order to start using Citrix Cloud I have to add ALL members of our helpdesk teams INDIVIDUALLY, ONE BY ONE - this is unbelievable.


Am I missing something here or Citrix Cloud is not yet an enterprise ready product and we still have to wait for it to catch up?


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Hi Dawid,


Thanks for your post. 


Unfortunately at this time we do not support group based administrator management, but are well aware of the requirement and are working towards this support.  At this time I'm not in position to provide a specific target date, but I will comment that it is a high priority for our identity and access management roadmap.  You are certainly not alone with your use case that needs to support helpdesk teams.



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