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Google Chrome v79 always asks if I would launch the citrix workspace launcher, no checkbox to save my choice

Mathias Haller


Hi there


I'm on the newest MacOS (10.15.2) and also have the newest Workspace App installed. I want to use Google Chrome to open my Citrix Portal. Google Chrome is on version 79 and if a click on an Icon, it always asks if I would launch the citrix workspace launcher. There is no checkbox to save my choice. This is pretty annoying. Do you know if this is a bug with macOS, Google Chrome or the Workspace App? Do you know how to solve that problem? Thanks for your help!

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Hi there.  Unfortunately while undesirable, it's expected behavior.  This is the result of a very heavy handed decision made by the Google Chrome team and there's virtually no way around it for the average person.  Check out these links with some good details on what happened and why.

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