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XenCenter failed to connect

Nicholas Fielding


Hello All,


Having a problem with a Xenserver pool not wanting to connect to XenCenter. I have tried many of the fixes listed on these forums before and have had no luck. XAPI is running. I can SSH into all the pool members. I have switched pool master to different hosts. I am able to reach port 443 and 80 from the workstation I am attempting to contact the machine from. But I still get the failed to connect error message below.



I have reinstalled Xencenter from the pool master to the workstation I am working from. Please Help!





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 I do not believe it could be network connectivity as this workstation can access port 80, 443, and 22 to the xenserver hosts.

There is a firewall but as stated above the host and workstation have clear communication between them.

The timezone was off. I changed this and error remains the same.

The KB you listed shows the error in the logs as regarding the tunnel not working but I do not recieve that error.



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