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Application Prelaunch/Lingering

Christopher Yue


CVA 1909

Publishing Server 2019 Desktop and Applications

WSA 1909 with SSON enabled

FSLogix Profile Container


I have now starting to publish applications for laptop users.


To speed things up I have started to use Application prelaunch and Lingering.


  • From what I can see, within 2-3 minutes of signing into the device, a Citrix session will start-up in the background against server X.
  • Once an app is launched, any other subsequent app is also launched from the same server.
  • When logging into a laptop with cached credentials (aka off LAN) the Citrix Login process will only start once the WSA credential dialog box has been completed following an application request


Apart from licence consumption, has anyone come across any disadvantages that I need to be aware of before turning this feature on mass?


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7 minutes ago, James Kindon said:

Line up all your ducks as far as reboot schedules and session limits etc - features work as expected in my experience 

Thanks James,


Forgot about limiting Apps to one instance per user which I have now set.


Pity this cannot be done for actual Desktops yet.


For the profiles to work properly when using  FSLogix Profile Containers, I had to set the Profile Type to 3 to allow simultaneous access to Published Apps (which all launch from the same server called for the first app) and Desktop sessions which are always from another server.


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