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Virtual Apps and Desktop CR1909/Windows 2019 lagging with Dual Monitor Thin clients - RDP is ok


Happy New Year all!


Working on a XA6.5 migration and am seeing really poor user experience with CR1909 and W2019 server (using PVS CR 1909 for image provisioning) when using Citrix Workspace or Receiver.   I'm seeing the following issue:

Noticeable lag with app and explorer with dragging  app or windows explorer windows between displays.

Noticeable lag when using a single display.


Tested with RDP and the poor performance is basically gone. Disabling HDX policies makes no real difference - initially I thought I had tracked down the problem to a single policy setting but the poor user experience returned. Booting from the local hard drive instead of using PVS does not fix the issue.


XenApp CR 1909 and Win 2019 Server (fully patched)

PVS CR1909

Endpoints are HP thin clients with Win7 and all are using dual monitors.

Sophos AV enterprise.


Client is looking to switch to LTSR 1912 and if that resolves the issue that would be great.


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Dan and James


Thanks for the help .. we're looking at the ESX hosting tuning but in the meantime it looks like we've managed to nearly fix the issue by updating to LTSR 1912 inc PVS, enabling the Browser content redirection HDX policy and the endpoint client from Receiver 4.6 to latest Workspace app. UX is 90% improved on all endpoints, there is a noticeable slowdown when you switch to IE or Chrome and move the app between displays but that's it. I've asked Citrix support to see if they can help get that also resolved.


With receiver 4.6 + LTSR 1912 we were experiencing a 2min period where everything just lagged and then all of a sudden the performance improved to being very good. Initially thought it could be a VDA or PVS setting issue causing this. Upgrading to Workspace App 1911 fixes that 2min delay and the UX is pretty good on the HP TC, although it does not feel as fast as RDP but its pretty close. However with RDP we noticed a lot of other issues that we aren't seeing with using HDX. 


We did test with CR1909 and Workspace App (pre 1911) but performance was still poor. Even upgrading the ram on the thin client failed to improve matters.


I'm monitoring in-case the issue returns as we thought it had been resolved previously.





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Hi James


Thanks for the reply ... GPO wise its all new OU structure and new GPO's with only the relevant settings client app specific settings carried over into the new GPO. FSlogix is the UP solution but not the latest release so I may update that. Running tests without FSlogix and the issue is still there and the odd thing is that RDS isn't having any issues.


Hypervisor is Vmware ESX 6.7 and hosts Cisco UCS Hyperflex - all SSD flash SR. We've updated the VMtools to latest version but no change.


On the endpoint, the clients are pretty limited only 1.2Ghz and 2GB of RAM, with Citrix R 4.4 but they're fine performance wise on the existing XA6.5 farm and show non of the issues I'm seeing in CR1909/W2019.  Users using Citrixweb client and not full native - which I need to test.


The XA PVS target device Vm's are all UEFI and GPT. In the meantime I've created a CR1909 W2016 VM (non-PVS) and am testing - there's a slight improvement over W2019 but that lag is still there. This VM was GPO free. I'm planning on creating a PVS version of the VM to do a like for like comparison,


I've been intouch with Citrix support and have a case open with them and they currently looking into this.



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