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Win2016 XA 7.15 LTSR Load Index Issues after 5 days

Donald Patterson


Hi.  We have a XenApp deployment.  We run 2016 servers.  We run on Vmware 6.7.  All machines are virtual.  We have 22 servers that users connect to full desktops.   They usually average around 6-10 max users per server.  The servers reboot on Sat at 11pm and the servers are set to discard changes on full restarts.  

A sample of the Load Indexes on each day will show them averaging around 5000 to 7500 around mid morning at peak logins.  Each Friday roughly 5 days after the last reboot, our servers will start to calculate the load index values wrong and thus have issues with balancing the user logins.  

So on Friday, we will see index values of 9999 or 10000 on most of the servers.  Usually because of this, some servers will have as little as 2-3 users, and others will be rightfully loaded with as many as 15 users.   The servers that are overloaded will be maxed out on either RAM or CPU at those moments and the ones that have low user counts will have very low RAM and CPU numbers but still calculate high index values.   This happens each day after Friday if the servers are not rebooted.  If we reboot the servers mid week, we don't get this issue on Friday.  Any reboot restarts the 5 day clock.  Citrix pointed us to performance counters built into windows.  They said a specific counter being disabled as the culprit.  But we mentioned to them that the counter they specified is the same all week. We have created a script to run that will temporarily fix the issue without rebooting the server but it still comes back after an hour or so.   Unfortunately we are a mostly 24/7 operation so mid week reboots are something we can't do for the whole group of servers.

Any help would be appreciated. 

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2 hours ago, Bharath Reddy said:

Hi Donald, This seems like configuration issue or disconnected sessions issue. Please follow the below article clearly not a straight one but trail and test should be helping to fix this https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX112082

The article got me looking around a bit more.  I know it has to do with the performance counters but the issue doesn't happen until the servers run all week or about 5 days after the last reboot.  I read thru the article but we are on 7.15 LTSR.  Qfarm and QueryDS are not available in our version.   I think we have a pretty rare scenario happening that isn't that well known.  Even Citrix can't figure it out for us.

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