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How to Change Physical NIC Post Setup?

Michael Cropper


So, to cut a long story short, I'm trying to figure out how to setup VLANS as part of XenServer 8.0 and came across pfSense which looks like it 'may' be able to do the job without having to pay for the licence for XenServer while I'm testing. When I attempted to create a VLAN within pfSense it said that my Physical NIC didn't support VLANS. Thankfully I've 4 NICs (2x. Mobo + 2x PCIe Card). So I thought to myself.... what could possibly go wrong if I just move the network cable from NIC 1 (mobo) to NIC 3 ( PCIe Card)...... 2 hours later I've finally recovered from having a good play around and completely screwing things up, ha ha :-D


So, the obvious question - what steps do I need to take within XenServer so I can test if the other NIC does support the VLANS within pfSense? The current setup is that;


 - XenServer HostOS - Static IP, configured on both XenServer and Router

 - Multiple GuestOS VMs setup, mainly with dynamic IP addresses and configured against the original NIC 1 - with each of the GuestOS VMs connected to an 'External Network' which piggy backs off NIC 1 so it can access the internet. 

 - Currently there is only one cable physically plugged into NIC 1, no cables plugged into the other 3 NICs


This is also the same as a Disaster Recovery scenario whereby NIC 1 has failed and needs to by physically replaced. 




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Thanks Tobias - I have a feeling that at this stage all roads are leading to XCP-NG. But I need to get around to playing with that. I've not had chance to give XCP-NG a run for it's (open source) money yet).


As for XenServer specifically, are there certain steps 'one' should take when introducing a new network post-setup to ensure that this new network can be used successfully. From the tests that I've been doing, it seems that new networks only complicate the setup. 


As a lay-person, all I would want to achieve is to move VM 1 from NIC 1 to NIC 2 from a connectivity point of view by disabling or removing NIC 1 from the Guest OS VM's Network tab in Xen Centre then everything magically works. But things seem to be very inter-twined along the way to make this less straight forward, would you expect to have to re-configure every Guest OS VM to handle the new NIC? Or am I missing something. 

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