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Best Practice for VDAs IP Address Static or Dynamic

Kevin Hammill


Currently running XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR CU3 environment on Server 2016.  After creating a VDA from the Master imagine, I set the IP Properties of the VDA to Static using a set Range of IP's we established.  The Subnet, Gateway, and DNS is also set to Static.


1.) The there are occasions when the VDA's IP Address settings will change to on its own to Obtain Automatically.    I haven't figured out what's causing this to happen.


2.) Recently I've had a number of VDA's and one of my Storefront servers keep the IP, Subnet, Gateway and the DNS information blanked.  In other words in the DNS entry boxes the static information was cleared.  Again I'm not sure what caused this.


3.) What are others doing  in regards to their VDA's IP Address settings.  Leaving IP Properties at Obtain Automatically or are you setting the IP Address Properties to Static?


Thank You for reading.



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