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Why is the logon screen too small for Published Apps on Server 2016?

Jimmy Raborn


Users on non-domain joined devices get a small Windows logon screen when they launch a Published App from our Windows Server 2016 app servers. When the window appears, because Server 2016 has the huge user profile picture above the username/password or in our case Smart Card / PIN fields, the users can't see the field to type in and have a tiny scroll bar to the right of it, illustrated in the attached screenshot. Does anyone know of a way around this? Like getting rid of the huge image so it doesn't take up most of the screen or make the window become larger? This isn't an issue when launching desktops because they go full screen and enabling console mode login isn't a good option because the culture shock of having a command shell login screen would be catastrophic. We have both 2012_r2 and 2016 application servers. This has never been an issue on our 2012_R2 app servers because the layout of the login screen isn't a single column but since we're migrating to new app servers, it's confusing users...



 screenshot with tiny scroll bar outlined in a red box


XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR CU4 

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