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MCS Login speed slow only with dual monitors

Andrew Gresbach1709152664


we have been battling a slow login issue in our Windows 10 (1903) MCS Non persistent / App Layering (full user layer) environment and i've narrowed it down to mostly when users connect in via a client with dual monitors.  (We used linux based thin clients for reference)


From what I can tell the biggest difference is the time we see Director attach a VDA to the session:



If i connect to a client with 1 monitor this step takes around 12-15 sec and the login completes to where i can interact w/ the desktop in the 25-30 sec range


If i connect to a client with 2 monitors this step takes about 30 seconds and the login completes to where i can interact w/ the desktop in the 60-70 sec range


curious if anyone has any ideas what we can do to help since all of our users use a dual monitor setup

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so the latest on this ticket the tech was wondering if the multi monitor hooks are playing a part so sent me this article:




If i try #1 and try and login i just get a grey screen and it never goes any further so that MIGHT be something but cant fully test


Any other step it has the same delayed logon w/ dual screens


i'm not sure if i mentioned but if i try the same desktop pool and login w/ dual monitors via RDP (instead of Citrix ICA),  login times are fast again (well at least as fast as single monitor ICA connections) .  Also if i test Windows 7 non persistent w/ dual monitors logins are fast there too so JUST windows 10 (1903 in our case) that has the issue right now

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are you meaning doing that to test that grey screen behavior or the actual login speed issue? i have heard from others that arent using app laying w/ the same issue so i'd bet its not related but i will give it a try.   also it may not be the best test since its mcs non persistent EVERY login is going to be like the first one, creating a new user profile so its going to be extended no matter what

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We are troubleshooting the same issue and my coworker found that if he creates a 1903 image with the VDA outside of app layering and it was fast.  Unfortunately I don't know for sure if he made a non-persistent catalog, I will check tomorrow.  Since that is what we work with, that is what I assumed.   We are on app layering 2001


We are seeing:

30-40 seconds for win10 1903 non-persistent single monitor

80-100 seconds for Win10 1903 non-persistent dual monitor


for reference our Win10 1803 non-persistent dual monitor was about 40-45 seconds.

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10 hours ago, Robert Moore1709159654 said:

I had a ticket with Citrix support re this. 

Our environment is MCS, win10 , VDA1911 & no app layering. We could reproduce the same results doing multi monitor RDP logins. So Citrix have referred me to Microsoft. 

hmm thats interesting.   with my open ticket i'm trying hard to prevent them from passing the buck onto MS only because i proved the issue does not happen using RDP w/ the same desktop, setup , etc (dual monitor just as fast as single w/ rdp) so definitely something w/ ICA here (or a combo of ICA and 1903 Win10)

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