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WARNING - After 1912 LTSR VDA upgrade, RemotePC user profiles are being corrupted and recreated



Just heads up... I use an Intel NUC with Windows 10 x64 Enterprise Edition 1909 as my RemotePC with a local user profile (approximately 137GB in size at).  I've had 7.15 LTSR CU5 on it for a few weeks now.  On Saturday I upgraded the VDA to 1912 LTSR.  Upon rebooting everything in my user profile was gone, except two folders (I don't recall what they were now).  I use Veeam Agent 3.0.2 to back this machine up nightly, so I restored my profile, and went through the normal steps in the registry to to repoint my profile to the correct folder (as I was logged in with a new profile in a different folder name).  Upon reboot, I was logged in with a temporary profile again.  After messing around for an hour, I said screw it and did a complete offline line restore of the entire machine from Veeam.  I then proceeded to install the 1912 LTSR VDA again.  Upon rebooting, my profile was gone again.  This time I restored just the ntuser.dat and put it into my new profile...  All was good.  So I restored my profile yet again, and upon rebooting and logging in, the my profile key (Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList) was renamed with a .bak on it, and i had another new profile.  I logged off, logged in as Administrator and deleted the newly created one, and renamed the .bak to it's correct name.  Upon logging in again, the same thing happened - the correct one was renamed and I ended up with another new profile.


I'm really not sure what is going on here, but it's definitely an issue that immediately started after installing the 1912 LTSR VDA.



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It would appear, based on my testing, it has something to do with the installation of Citrix Workspace App v19.11.0.50 which was automatically installed (with no way to opt out) with the VDA upgrade.  Once I uninstalled it and restored my user profile again, my profile **so far** has stayed in once piece several reboots later.



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