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"This machine has less than the recommended minimum of 5 GB RAM"

Andrew Rogers


Trying out the new 1912 LTSR and I'm getting this error when installing the Controller. The machine is an m5.xlarge in AWS, so has 16G RAM, with 13.5G free at time of installation! I can continue in the GUI, but apparently need to pass a new parameter as part of a scripted install to ignore this.


Anyone else seeing this?


Edit: in fact from the logs, it's not seeing the machine as having ANY memory, weirdly!


14:28:38.6041       : XenDesktopSetup:Required:5120,Actual:0


Edited by Andrew Rogers
update for mem check
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We just deployed two new controllers on m5.xlarge as well, and see the same thing. We completed install and configuration and have not noticed any issues. However as a test I tried installing on an M4.xlarge instance, and we do not get the issue when using that instance type, so it appears to be isolated to the M5 family. I was not able to find any documentation if using the M5 family is supported by Citrix. Does anyone know? 

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