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XenServer Management Agent - Quiesced snapshots VSS support!!!

Filip Fronczak


We have just noticed that:

  1. All VMs in the XenServer pool have updated automatically to XenServer Management Agent using the agent update service.
  2. Quiesced snapshots capability has been removed (!!!) causing all our backups to turn inconsistent!!!

So, I have 3 questions:

  1. Citrix, are you f!@#$' kidding me?!
  2. How to downgrade the agent in the way that the VSS support is back?!?



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Great... so let me just re-frame this to make sure I understand:

  1. Citrix is making XenServer.
  2. XenServer doesn't support Quiesced Snapshots, so Citrix makes XenTools which allow to use VSS and adds Quiesced Snapshots functionality to XenCenter and API.
  3. All, known to me, backup systems, dedicated for XenServer, make use of Quiesced Snapshots.
  4. Citrix drops the Quiesced Snapshots functionality just like that on "a winter's day, in a deep and dark December" from XenTools, because it has never been supported.
  5. Everybody's backups just stopped to work.



Is this all crazy or is it just me?



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