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PV guests no longer supported with Hypervisor 8.1. Also, licensing VPX?

Stephen Borrill


Hypervisor 8.1 has dropped support for PV guests. I assume this means "if it breaks don't complain to us" rather than "it's already broken", but one can't be certain. The same thing was said about legacy VM tools on 8.0 and they simply don't work (archive XP guests BSOD). I'd  be interested to hear any comments about success or failure.


Related to this, I cannot find a newer License Server VPX than v11.14.0.1 (build 19800) which is PV and, in fact, all VPX downloads appear to have been removed leaving only Windows License Server downloads.

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3 minutes ago, Tobias Kreidl said:

Yes, PV support has been deprecated. Not sure what the best way is to convert such VMs. You used to be able to use the good ol' Xenconvert utility, which is long gone.


I can't see that XenConvert would help. You need a kernel which isn't solely PV, i.e. needs to support HVM mode. It should ideally have PV drivers in it. However, even that may not help. With a PV kernel, pygrub loads the kernel directly rather than the emulated BIOS. If the BIOS loads the kernel, you need your disk to have a primary and secondary boot loader, MBR partitioning (or GPT for uEFI). If the disk has been created for PV, it may not even have suitable spare sectors for the bootloaders or partition table. Of course, a bigger problem might be your choice of OS may not support PVH or PVHVM.


Given all the above, there appears to be no supported License Server VPX now that PV support has been deprecated. 

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