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ADM show client IPv6 as IPv4!

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I have a ADC 13.0-41.28 and a ADM 13.0-41.28.

The ADC have some VIP as IPv6 configured, backendserver and ADM is IPv4 only.

Now i have seen inside my ADM that a lot of IPv4 Clients with ip range of is accessing my ADCs VIP. Thast should not be possible normaly.

However, I noticed that not a single IPv6 client is shown as a client in the analytics or security log or any other in the ADM. The ADC is showing IPv6 client addresses.

So I think that the ADM replaces the IPv6 addresses with the 243's addresses and is not showing any IPv6 address as such.

Is that corrcect? But why?

I think that ADM should be showing IPv6 addresses on the same way as IPv4 addresses!

I have tried to configure the ADM with a IPv6 address to but nothing changed.


Is that working as designed or is that a bug? May be i have configured something wrong?



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We have the same issue, but apparently this is a known limitation:



The following features do not support IPv6:

High availability floating IP

Syslogs received from ADCs that support IPv6

StyleBooks on ADCs that support IPv6


Pooled licensing

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