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Windows Server 2016 Tweaks/Optimization

Anthony Bennett


We are in the process of migrating our Provisioning environment to Windows Server 2016. We are provisioning physical desktops. On our first test we had slow boot times and lots of retries on the endpoints. They work fine on our old servers so this seems to point to our new servers being the issue. I know 2016 comes with lots of fluff like Windows 10. What tweaks, optimizations, changes should we be making on the new servers? 

Any advice anyone can offer would be appreciated.

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I do not recommend enabling "Interrupt safe mode"  It puts extra stress on the hypervisor and has been know to cause crashes in a virtual environment,  it was originally intended for poor PXE implementations on physical machines and is still available because it has been proven to be useful ever once in a while (hate to admit it) in virtual environments as a stop gap measure.  It will hurt booting performance.   If you are using an updated version of VMWare I would suggest looking at UEFI, if the target OS supports it.  Take a look at retries on the target if they are high check out the following articles:






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