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LDAP and RADIUS authentication policies

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I have a VPX200 that is currently set up for LDAP authentication.  Currently, users login to the Netscaler.  Netscaler hits LDAP, all is good.  I am now looking at integrating MFA via a RADIUS server.  What I am interested in doing is setting up policies so that a user only gets prompted for MFA if they are out of the office.  The way I kind of imagine it is if there is a policy that allows LDAP authentication if they come from inside addresses.  Then another policy that sends everything else to the RADIUS server and hence MFA.



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You can configure the following policy for your radius server:


  • REQ.IP.SOURCEIP != -netmask   #### For classic VPN policies. Where is your corporate subnet if you use 10.x.x.x address space and subnet mask for /8
  • CLIENT.IP.SRC.BETWEEN(,   ### for advance policies if you are using nFACTOR authentication.


I would configure nFACTOR for the gateway with 2 different schemas based on the source IP of the client.




Hope it helps

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