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Prefill password field an RfWebUI logon page

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We're using an AAA VServer with RfWebUI and need to hide and prefill the second password field.

I already know how to hide it using a Rewrite Policy.

Now I need to know how to prefill the second password field, because the OTP authentication tool requires a PIN for each users and this should be the same PIN for all users.


regards, Patrick

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Even though rewrite policy should be able to do the work (if done properly) this will be considered a customized solution which could potentially break in the future if something changes within the gateway code. On the other side, if your company ever have an issue, you will have a hard time dealing with support for assistance fixing this piece since its a "non-supported fix"


The recommended way of achieving this is using nFactor which will allow you to modify the XML file in order to achieve the desired outcome. It entails the usage of advanced policies but that's the new recommended way of authentication going forward and it's fully supported by Technical Support.



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