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Netscaler Plugin Rights needed?

tom reynoolds

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I am sorry, but I have a dumb question (but a big problem).

We currently use a Juniper Pulse Secure SSL VPN Gateway as Web access to our 7.15 Citrix farm, but the plugins require that our Windows 10 clients have admin rights.  This is a big problem as a few of our users are not employees and do not have the local admin credentials to their machines.

Does the Netscaler Plugin require local admin rights to install on Windows 10?


[The Citrix Receiver does not, so I am hoping the Netscaler does not either.]


Thank you.  

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Yes, the NetScaler plugin requires admin rights to install.




To install the plug-in, users must be a local administrator or a member of the Administrators group. This restriction applies for first-time installation only. Plug-in upgrades do not require administrator level access.

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