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Netscaler MPX 8005 - if possible to predefine default value for adding virtual server?

julie xu

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When anytime I add a virtual Server (Protocol SSL), I have default value for SSL as:

   1. SSL Ciphers - Default, 

   2. ECC 4 items

   3. SSL Parameters SSLv3, SSLv2 enabled. 


I need manually change them one by one. 


Could I ask if possible, I can change the default value so that

   1. SSL Ciphers - my-chphers-group

   2. ECC my-items

   3. SSL Parameters SSLv3, SSLv2 disabled.


Or if possible, I can created a profile/template, so that, anyone add a virtual ssl server, can implement same changes.


Any comments will be appreciated


Thanks in advance






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I think you are looking to have a default SSL profile which all your SSL VSERVERS will use by default and then have some other SSL VSERVERS with custom parameters. If thats the case use https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX227225 to enable default SSL profile (WARNING: This applies to all SSL VSERVERS in your box by default) and then create separate SSL profiles for the SSL VSERVERS that require different values.


More info:




Hope that helps



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As Roman stated, you probably want a default ssl profile.  Here are just a few extra notes for your consideration:

1) You can use ssl profiles to manage most of your settings once and then apply where necessary, if you don't want the default profile.

2) If you do want a default profile auto applied than follow the steps in that article to define one; you can still override with explicit profiles if different settings are needed.

Since default ssl profiles can't be undone once enabled (you can swap settings, but not go back to no default profile), it is strongly recommended you do a test run an test or vpx netscaler to make sure you understand the feature.

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