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Peyton Creery

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Environment: Production (Prod) and Disaster Recovery (DR)


I have Citrix Receiver on a HP Laptop (running a locked-down version of Debian) for users and it works fine until our environment is switched to DR


Scenario (Environment in Prod):

no store added

storebrowse -l


no /etc/hosts set


adding prod and dr remote.domain.com is good

storebrowse -a http://remote.domain.com

storebrowse -a http://drremote.domain.com


listing is good

storebrowse -E http://remote.domain.com

storebrowse -E http://drremote.domain.com


running & connecting is good

storebrowse -L "Connector.Windows 10 Users" http://remote.domain.com

storebrowse -L "Connector.Windows 10 Users" http://drremote.domain.com


delete to start from scratch (and to log out of selfservice account)

storebrowse -d http://store.domaincorp.com/citrix/domain/discover/

storebrowse -d http://drstore.domaincorp.com/citrix/domain/discover/


Both Desktop Applications work


BUT: when remote.domain.com is added in /etc/hosts and points to drremote.domain.com's ip    (to simulate DR DNS transition)
/etc/hosts:    remote.domain.com


storebrowse -a http://remote.domain.com
storebrowse -a http://store.domaincorp.com/citrix/domain/discover/


Error adding store:AM_ERROR_AUTH_NETWORK_ERROR[65275]


Prod Workspace (Desktop App pointing to remote.domain.com) No longer works


Cannot add the store at the given URL
Exit Code: 235
Error: Error adding store:Specified store not found[65275]


DR Workspace Desktop App (pointing do drremote.domain.com) still works

What I have tried

I have tried to clear DNS cache with:

/etc/init.d/networking force-reload


I have also attempted to import certificates without any result... At least I think I did.

I exported 3 certs from remote.domain.com & drremote.domain.com via Firefox and copied them to $ICAROOT/keystore/cacerts & intcerts

then ctx_rehash & tried with c_rehash


Enable logging in:


via https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX217630


Logs located at


AuthManSvr.latest log show these lines that stand out (there are too many other lines to add so I just selected a couple):


Wed 18 Dec 2019 08:28:05 <<<<< T:.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   Throwable created: CInteractionRequiredException: Gateway logon is not allowed if the interactive flag isn't set
Wed 18 Dec 2019 08:28:05     > T:.   .   .   .   CAuthenticationContextError::ConvertExceptionToErrorCodeOrRethrow
Wed 18 Dec 2019 08:28:05       T:.   .   .   .   .   Processing exception, type='Interaction required exception' description='Gateway logon is not allowed if the interactive flag isn't set'
Wed 18 Dec 2019 08:28:05       T:.   .   .   .   Returning AMResult: 0xfef9 (authError='AuthContextError_InteractionNotAllowed')
Wed 18 Dec 2019 08:28:05 *ERR* T:.   CitrixAuthManagerSDK::AMResult CitrixAuthManagerSDK::LinuxAuthManSvr::destroyAuthHttpRequest(CitrixAuthManagerSDK::AMHttpHandle) could not find unkown handle 14



Has anyone else seen this issue?

It may be a Netscaler Configuration issue that I am aware of but I am not sure.


storebrowse -v





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