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Receiving a Workspace screen after updating new version 1911

Francisco Alvarez


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Actually internally version of SelfServicePlugin was for the CWA version No issues there with version. 

I think you are trying to add NSG store through GPO with an incorrect syntax.  As per the GPO policy setting for NSG stores , # needs to be appended with the storename as below.

Example for NetScaler Gateway URL.

HRStore;https://ag.mycompany.com#Storename;On;Store for HR staff

#Storename is the name of store behind NetScaler Gateway for which we need to configure.
Note: NetScaler Gateway URL configured using this method doesn't support PNA Services site behind NetScaler Gateway.

Was this working earlier for you prior to 1911 release ? Is your FQDN same for NSG and storefront url?

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Hi prateekku,


I think we are not using SNG store,  those are the parameters in our installation via Scritpt: "/EnableCEIP=false /EnableTracing=false /noreboot /silent SELFSERVICEMODE=False /AutoUpdateCheck=disabled ") . This is a funny thing, We have been using different old versions of Workspace  (1909) and nothing happened, all was working good. If we use this previous version in the same environment is working without this white screen, this issue is only with this version .. Maybe a Glinch?


I have been using Citrix Receiver command Line Helper, using same parameters above for old version (1909) and the white window is not showing up. 

Both versions are working, is not a issue with the performance, it´s just an annoying screen every time you reboot your computer or it appears  during the day 2-3 times. 



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having similar issue, trying to upgrade from 1902 to 1911. upgrade is successful but when user logs in WorkSpace splash screen pops up with that spinning thingy in the middle.

we are using SCCM for deployment, command line switches -> /silent /noreboot /includeSSON /AutoUpdateCheck=disabled ALLOWADDSTORE=N ALLOWSAVEPWD=S


gpo is set to use SF which works fine. SSON works fine, no logon prompts at all.


i've setup log files but haven't reviewed them yet


Task Manager running apps when WorkSpace screen shows up.



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Hi mjesber337


Thanks for the update. I have open a case with Citrix, I have sent logs and dump files to them to get a final conclusion of this, but I was thinking the same ... it is a "bug" that they have to solve.  Meanwhile, I´m still sending them more dump files.


I´ll keep you posted about the results and Citrix Response. 



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