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AGEE_setup is missing

Patrik Holmberg

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I have now install meny netscaler Gateways 13.

Last times the AGEE_setup.exe is missin. The user can not download the client.

Now i see in the WINSCP software that the exe file is missing.

And i try to download it manualy from Citrix download.

but it only download to the Netscaler max 10 Mb.

I see now that the /dev/md0 is inly 7 mb space left before i download the exe file.

Is this something wrong. How can it be like this?

The size of the md0 is 412 mb.


I see no vpn clients in the path

/netscaler/ns_gui/VPNs/scripts/vista for example.


Is this a known problem or only me?

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I had this happen a few months back with one of the 12.1 firmware in a Hyper-V environment. I only noticed there was a problem when it tried to update my VPN plugin and it was a broken link. I manually added it and all seemed fine initially but then started having a bunch of other strange issues with the same NetScaler like vServers randomly stopping working etc.


Ended up deleting the VPX and re-installing and all seemed fine after that. The plugin was there as well after re-install. It was all very strange.

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One the guys I work with mentioned having this problem. Just told him to redeploy it and it was fine 2nd time round. 


As I said earlier we had nothing but issues with the first one even after dropping the missing files on. Once we redeployed it using the exact same ns.conf all was fine.

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