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Powershell commands to generate MCS catalog html report "test machine catalog" in XenDesktop 7.15

Luc Favresse


Hi Guys,


as put in the title, I'm looking for powershell commands to generate MCS catalog html report, the one produce by the "test machine catalog" action  in Studio (XenDesktop 7.15).

If not possible, I'd llike, at least, to find commands that return the state (ok, error) of one MCS catalog.


Thanks for your help!


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Here is the code Studio generates to perform the 'Test Machine Catalog'  I don't see any directive specifying HTML output, so I assume Studio is doing that internally.


New-EnvTestDiscoveryTargetDefinition -AdminAddress "host.domain.org:80" -BearerToken ******** -TargetId "4lf057c1-afb0-41d3-82e3-d373e09e5fff" -TargetIdType "Catalog" -TestSuiteId "Catalog" | Set-Variable -Name "testTarget0"

Get-Variable -Name @("testTarget0") -ValueOnly | Start-EnvTestTask -AdminAddress "host.domain.org:80" -BearerToken ******** -RunAsynchronously

Remove-Variable  -Name "testTarget0"


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