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Inter-domain routing within a single Citrix ADC

Han Kass

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Hi Gurus,


This may seem like a sily question and I have been reading this article.



What I am trying to achieve is a Citrix access gateway ( in domain 1 talking to a load balancer VIP (LBVIP) ( which is in domain 100.
The backend server which the VIP is communicating with is in domain 100.


The LBVIP is working fine.
What we are trying to do is make the to redirect to LBVIP which is in different domain.
Is this possible?


From the article that i read, the Citrix access gateway and the LBVIP must be in the same domain.
The actual backend server can be in a different domain.
Did i interpret the article correctly?





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On 12/20/2019 at 9:30 PM, Silvio Balduzzi1709160956 said:

Hi Han,


There aren't limitations to positions of Citrix LBVIPs into domains and VLANs. The NetScaler is independent by domains but has the possibility to communicate with more domains if necessary.


What is the your issue with domains?




Hi Silvio,

The citrix access gateway (CAG) is on domain 100 (lets name the IP: whereas the storefront server is accessible via the internal LAN (domain 50) leg of the ADC (lets name the IP:
I end up moving my storefront server VIP to the same domain 100 (IP 10.244.21.x) and then that worked. :+)

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