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Citrix WEM 1909 Adding large quantity of Registry Entries causes 2-3 minute delay per entry



I have imported a large number of registry entries from a GPO and would like to add the entries to an Action Group.  The WEM console seems to have significant limitations.


1. Adding registry entries requires you to select each entry 1 at a time.  There is no option to select all and add at once. So adding 100 registry entries will require 200 mouse clicks.

2. After adding several registry entries, the console stops responding for 2-3 minutes between each add.  Closing the console and re-opening seems to allow a few more registry entries to be added before the delay comes back.  Adding 100 registry entries will take about 5 hours.


Has anyone else experienced these limitations?  Does anyone have a suggestion on how to workaround the limitation?



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