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How to view the update history in Netscaler

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From CLI you could use the following.

shell "ls -lat /nsconfig/" | grep -i ns.conf.NS

Below you have an example of the outputs:

shell "ls -lat /nsconfig/" | grep -i ns.conf.NS
-rw-r--r--   1 root    wheel  526222 Aug  3 01:34 ns.conf.NS12.1-49.37
-rw-r--r--   1 root    wheel  741910 Feb  5  2019 ns.conf.NS11.0-71.22
-rw-------   1 root    wheel  726797 Dec 14  2017 ns.conf.NS11.0-70.16
-rw-------   1 root    wheel  743790 Sep 25  2017 ns.conf.NS11.0-66.11
-rw-------   1 root    wheel  635492 Jul 25  2016 ns.conf.NS10.1-130.13
-rw-------   1 root    wheel  669757 Jul 25  2016 ns.conf.NS11.0
-rw-------   1 root    wheel  571921 Oct 17  2015 ns.conf.NS10.1-120.13
-rw-------   1 root    wheel  445410 Jul 19  2014 ns.conf.NS10.0
-rw-------   1 root    wheel  369965 Jun  8  2013 ns.conf.NS9.2
-rw-------   1 root    wheel    6406 Nov 28  2012 ns.conf.NS9.3


That way you could see a history of the versions and the date it was upgraded away from that version. For example, on Feb 5 2019 that appliance was migrated from NS11.0-71.22 to NS12.1-49.37 and on Aug 03 2019 it was upgraded to the current version you are running. 


I hope it helps.



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