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Powershell Commands to Publish an Application that Points to an AppV Package or Commands to set an App's Machine Configuration.

Robert Caruso


Are there any powershell commands that would allow me to configure a published app to use an existing App-V package?  Alternatively, commands that allow me to update an app's MachineConfiguration association? 


I have a powershell script that syncs our Prod and DR XA7.15 farms every night.  It exports all the Prod AG apps to an XML file.  After which it adds any new Prod apps and updates any apps whose info has changed in the DR farm using Add-BrokerApplication and Set-BrokerApplication.  Works fine except for apps using App-V packages which gives me an object does not exist error despite the package being published.  I created a new published app from Studio using the App-V package to see differences using Get-BrokerApplication.  It all looks the same except for these two entries which I am guessing tells XA that it is using AppV.  I cannot find any powershell commands to set them so they are blank in the published app I import. 


         MachineConfigurationNames        : {AppV\1}
         MachineConfigurationUids         : {3}


If I do Get-BrokerMachineConfiguration, the ApplicationUids references the applications that I published through Studio using an App-V package.  Would like to add the imported app's ID to it but can't figure out how to do that either.


         ApplicationUids : {708, 722, 723}

         ConfigurationSlotUid : 3

         Description : Created by Studio

         DesktopGroupUids : {}

         LeafName : 1

         MetadataMap : {}

         Name : AppV\1

         Policy : {123, 17, 0, 0...}

         Uid : 3


Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.





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