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Unable to publish Windows Settings as Seamless Application in Windows Server 2019

Carlo Marsura


We was unable to publish the Windows Settings as as a Seamless Application in Windows Server 2019 with Virtual Apps and Desktops 7.1909.


Citrix suggest here to find the app by choosing Add From Start Menu, but if I select the "Immersive Control Panel" that should be the supposed Windows Settings searched for, I get instead the Control Panel, as the Location path points to "C:\Windows\System32\Control.exe" .

Launching Control Panel does not work for us, because we must permit our users to change the Default Programs, a functionality that Microsoft has moved out from Control Panel into the Windows Settings.

Changing the default programs by publishing the Control Panel and going through it does not work, because Windows Settings is a  "Universal Windows Platform App" and Citrix is unable to start it from a classic app.; the only way to launch Windows Settings is by publishing a desktop to the users but this is a no way out if we can publish only Seamless Applications.


There is anyone that can suggest how to find and publish this app ?



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default program management is a little tricky when you are using published apps, I tend to use a combination of defaultassocs XML configs, along with SetUserFTA to get around the limitations


In published desktops, I allow users to change themselves by restricting what "applets" the settings app will display 

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many thanks for your response.
This is a solution that was unknown to me and permit to solve the issue as last chance.


If it is possible, I would like to be more liberal with my users allowing them to change the settings themselves, publishing the whole Windows Settings or a more restricted set of them, and here lies the problem: how to publish the Settings or a subset in a Seamless Application ?

So far I have not found any way to do this.


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2 hours ago, BFH Citrix IS said:

This is an important question. I tried via control.exe. Our users are free to choose their default programs for example.
But when a user clicks on the link to open the newly designed settings panel, nothing happens.


Citrix suggested to open a ticket with Microsoft; they (Microsoft) acknowledged that this is an issue on their side and escalated the problem.

They not gave me a deadline for resolution.


The only workaround is to open an Explorer instance (this make the desktop to show) and then proceeding to change the Default Programs settings by going through Control Panel .



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Hi With CVAD 2308 VDA agent we can get MSSettings application, to open in a seamless publish ms office application, to add printers. however when then choosing that the printer is not in the list the control panel add printer application does not appear. it does in a full desktop , has anyone come across this ?

Server 2019 , multisession vda agent 2308 and office 2019 

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