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Netscaler. performance issues when many clients from one IP

Dmytro Muzycko

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hi experts,

im new to Netscaler, but quickly studying it due to a big problem. The setup is simple: the Netscaler (8005) with OS 11.0 72.16nc acts as loadbalancer and sits between clients and a farm of proxy-servers. The Virtual server is created to listen on port 8080 and protocol HTTP.  UseSourceIP is configured, so the original client's  ip-address appears in the ip header for the server connection between Netscaler and Proxy. We've got a need to hide many users behind 1 IP yet before the Netscaler, so Loadbalancer would see many TCP sessions towards VIP:8080 but from the same client's IP and different TCP source ports. At the moment when we enable PAT, the performance drops significantly. 

I'm reading that with the UseSourceIP option the TCP multiplexing is not working for the connections from different clients' ip addresses, but is still working for TCP connections from the same IP. Would you expect issues with Netscaler if it sees many TCP sessions from the same ip and possibly even getting the same HTTP request from those different sessions. If all those HTTP requests are multiplexed to the proxy-server over the same TCP session, would Netscaler be able to correctly identify the responses and map it back accurately to the original clients' sessions?


i'm not yet sure if Netscaller is causing issues in this setup, but it is our first hop of deepdiving. 


many thanks in advance,


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