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Configure a delay on "Restart" action

John Taussig1709161542

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Is it possible to customize the behavior of the "Restart" button on Citrix StoreFront?  By default, the VDA that the user has a session on gets a hard power-off and then a new VDA is immediately launched (we're using pooled desktops).  I'd like to configure a short delay before the new VDA is launched.


The reason for this is because I'm having a lot of problems with the FSLogix agent behavior when it attempts to access locked profile containers that are stored on an MSCS file server cluster.  FSLogix hangs when it tries to open the locked VHD instead of retrying at the configured count/interval.  I only see this problem when using an MSCS cluster to store the VHD files.


I'd like to configure a short delay so that the new VDA isn't launched until the file server has an opportunity to release the file lock.

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