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Unable to connect to DNS Name Servers if Traffic Domains are configured

Sadako Hattori

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I'm deploying a new set of VPX1000 Netscalers. 

I currently have 2 of the same model in a different data center. I decided on these new ones we were going to try and get vlan tagging and traffic domains configured. 

Everything is working fine with that, except I cannot configure a DNS server in that configuration. It says the Effective state is down. 

The part I don't understand is that everything else appears to be working. My VIPs work, just not this DNS setting. 

I do have a SNIP on that VLAN, The route is there but it just won't work. 

If I configure an interface on that VLAN, and don't do traffic domains, then I can configure a DNS server no problem. 


Eventually we'd like to do GSLB, so I'd really like to get this working. 


Anyone have any ideas? 

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