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User Layer disk will not create

Darin McClain


Had a user that was setup with no issues last week. But after a couple days (possibly the first time trying to login after the initial setup) his user layer wouldn't mount. Eventually I tried to delete the entire user layer folder so it would make a new one, but it would not. It would only re-create the folders. Anyone ever seen behavior like this? I deleted two of my dummy user layer folders and they re-created as expected. I also tried deleting the user from AppLayering, then re-assigning layers, still only creates the folders.

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Finally got time to look at this now that we're back from Christmas break. Logged in as the user and it made him a new disk this time, no idea why, I didn't change anything. Tried his original disk and it still worked. Rebooted a few times after installing a few things, still working fine, just had to give it some time I guess!

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