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Citrix MP Agent for StoreFront is not Operational (Error: PS script Get-DSServerClusterDetails failed)

Stoyan Chalakov

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Hi Guys,

I need some help with the monitoring of StoreFront in one of my customer's environments. I am using the Citrix Management Pack in its latest version - Citrix SCOM Management Pack 1.13 for StoreFront

The monitoring works in General, but I have some kind of strange issue with the Citrix MP agents, which are reporting the following:



The "StoreFront MP" service on computer 'Servername.domain.com' status is not operational.

Agent Error: 'Workflow ID: server-discovery
Status: failed
Error Message: The StoreFront server is not included in any server group or there are no stores configured for it. Configure the StoreFront server properly by adding it to a server group and configuring stores for it. (Error: PS script Get-DSServerClusterDetails failed)'


I searched the Internet with that, but found no clues on what could be the issue. I also used the troubleshootintg task "Check requirements and configuration for Citrix MPSF agent", but it outputs the same information as in the alert text above. 
Knowing SCOM i understand that the server discovery (actually the corresponding workflow) is faiing, but the error  (Error: PS script Get-DSServerClusterDetails failed) leaves me clueless. 

Any idea on what to check or how to approach this? All hints or ideas are more then welcome. 




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