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VDAs entering Unregistered state

Chris Benali1709159201




We have been experiencing an issue for some time that is having a huge impact on our users and so far Citrix Support haven't been able to diagnose the issue.


The environment is as follows - 



Citrix Environment 7.15 LTSR

VMware ESXi 6.7 U2


There are two delivery groups, 10 VDa's in one (2012) and 6 in the other (2012 R2) Completely randomly  VDAs from either group (The one with ten seems most affected) will go Unregistered and upon doing so some users will have their application completely freeze and others will continue to work without issue and may or not see their application freeze whilst the server is that state.

The server that goes Unregistered cannot be RDP'd onto or accessed via VMware Console but it can be browsed to in file explorer and it responds to pings.


Once the server is restarted it registers as normal and behaves normally, I have witnessed Event ID 84 bnistack "Too many retries initiate reconnect" but I think this might be a knock on effect of the issue rather than the issue itself but I'm not sure at this stage.


No amount of googling has given me a resolution and hours of reading has gotten me no where, the servers are fully Windows updated and run the latest version of VMware tools.


Has anyone come across this issue that might be able to help?




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