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Netscaler 13 - Reliable for Production?

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We upgraded to the first version of 13 - so far so good. Will update if we run into any major issues. We are mainly using the Netscaler for reference to connect Xenmobile cloud to our on premise exchange, to connect Sharefile cloud to our on premise storages / storagezone controllers, and to provide remote access for VDI / Xenapp. We do have nfactor (netscaler OTP 2FA) setup and working.

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Hi Christopher,


Right now when I'm asked to what version and build my customers should upgrade to I tend to say that they should upgrade to 12.1 54.

  • 13.0 had issues in my lab running on VMWare, and I had a good amount of tickets about some issues related to 13.0. However if you do the change step by step and absolutely need new features brought in by 13.0, you can upgrade of course. I believe this will get better once 13.1 gets released, as it is usually more stable. I'd like to point out that I managed to get a NetScaler to run on VirtualBox this morning, on 13.0, and I have no issues whatsoever for now, so I guess the new builds really improved some stuff.
  • 12.1 55 has an issue with LDAP so I had to ask a few customers to downgrade to 54 instead to make it work.

So if I had to design a production environment right now, I would probably choose 12.1. Possibly in a few months my response could change though.

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1 hour ago, Teo Hays said:
  • 12.1 55 has an issue with LDAP so I had to ask a few customers to downgrade to 54 instead to make it work.

Can you expand on the LDAP issue you mention here, please? Was thinking about testing, but if there is an issue that will affect me I would rather know ahead of time.


Thanks much!

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Hi Dennis.


Everytime that there is a new build or a new version that comes out, we get some cases related to those of course.

I had some customers that got vastly different issues related with LDAP in a short amount of time.


I'm not citing any source here, it's just from my memories, but here is what I remember :

  • An issue with extraction of LDAP attributes if the attribute extracted is the first of the array inside the RAM, or the first attribute that you list inside the GUI.
  • An issue where sometimes logging in on LDAP services with the NetScaler would cause a crash. I recommended to this customer to downgrade to 12.1 54, and it was working perfectly fine after that.

I don't have any official or internal source to support what I say, but as LDAP is very used with Gateway and other NetScaler components I would guess that our engineers are focused on this at the moment, so a fix should arrive soon. I would also recommend you to upgrade to the latest build (which should be 12.1 56.x if I'm not mistaken) for security reasons.


About 13.0, I had multiple issues with it on different hypervisors. I tried VirtualBox, VMWare and KVM and all showed me some issues at some stage. I would personally wait for 13.1 to come out, which should be much more stable (and will be supported for way longer).

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Just installed the new 13.0 with security fixes and unfortunately Citrix still didn't patch the bug, that VPN Pages are not accessible (see: https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/406206-issues-after-updating-to-newer-130-firmwares/

This bug has been known for some time now and it is really sad to see, that Citrix still didn't manage to fix this bug when releasing the security fix firmware. Now I am forced to downgrade to 12.1 because of this, since the only 13.0 version without this bug was the initial release which is obviously not available anymore. I really expected more here...

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