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Server 2019 and search indexing

Eric Gilliland


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there are huge issues with indexing on 2019. Microsoft changed it: you now have a search database that resides in the roaming part of the user profile.


Even fslogix struggles with it. Is it supposed the work with profile manager, but niet with outlook/office only in the vhdx.


The search database tends to be locked when users log off, resulting in profile deletes not happening is set to do so. For that reason I have exluded the database location in profile management.


The indexing services needs to be running. And before you install applications (like outlook), else you need to run a repair install.



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I have been struggling with this the last few days. MS changed the FSLogix documentation, stating that FSLogix should no longer be used for search index roaming, as the serach index is now a part of the user profile.


However the search index roming is still not working. Both with and without (local profile) the initial search index builds just fine, but when you logoff the search index is corrupted and any subsequent logons, the search index is broken and will not work. This 

I stumpled upon this forum post:


It mentions a "hotfix" or newer cumulative update for WS2019 it addresses some issues with Windows Search Index. However I have tested this update, and it doesn't change anything, the search index is still broken after the first logon/logoff.

This has been an issue for a VERY long time, and it seems like MS hasn't prioritized the issue to be fixed, as the first reports are more than 6 months old.

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Does anyone have any updates on this? We have tried with both FSLogix profile containers, Office Containers, Citrix UPM search roaming, Citrix Profile Disk, etc. Nothing works. And naturally Citrix gets the blame as always - even though it's the same in RDS.


@Kasper Johansen, have you queried in the dkcugc slack? I currently don't have slack access on my laptop.

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