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Citrix Receiver - Mapped user Network Drives will be shown double

Stephan Kunz


Hello everybody,

we have here Citrix Receiver 4.9.5000.7 and VDA with 7.15.3000.

Users need to access their mapped network drives in a software. But it shows allways the network drives with his client name and it shows the network drives like it is on is laptop without his client name and with the correct name of the network drive. 

The user wants only the mapped network drives with the correct names of the network drives.

You can see it in the screenshot.

The network drives with the LE14598 should not be displayed.

It should only the network drives under "Netzwerkadressen" displayed because these drives are exactly the same like it is on the local computer.

How can I solve that? I tried a lot of things under guidance but it doesn't help anything.


Has anybody an idea?


Thanks a lot.




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