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MS Teams compatible version

Stefan Wendrich1709160263


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13 hours ago, Fernando Klurfan1709153904 said:

There is a flag passed from the Teams servers to the Teams client in the VDA that activates the optimization code. It is being rolled out progressively through out the Teams Rings. GA announcements will be posted in the following days once we reach 100% flag deployment.

Please could you update this thread once this has been done? It would be much appreciated!

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On 12/9/2019 at 12:03 PM, Stefan Wendrich1709160263 said:



does someone know where i can download the minimum teams version ? at the moment my teams version is If i search for updates, there seems to be no newer version.

I would to try the teams optimizations.


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6 hours ago, Martin Nygaard Jensen1709157097 said:

It didn't go into optimized mode. But it does so as of yesterday. I'm thinking it still wasn't rolled out to all tenants prior to now.


The Teams app communicates with an O365 REST service to request and receive different kinds of payloads (configurations, feature rollouts, etc).
The service delivers VDI feature flag values to the Teams client so they can be applied and get stored in a file called settings.json.
Depending on the flag update, configurations are applied immediately or when the user restarts the app.


My #1 recommendation when encountering Teams problems is to fully quit the app (not close, but quit) and restart it.

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