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Multi tendant Gateway

Johannes Norz

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My customer has several customers (aprox 100 in total) and IPSec VPNs to this customers. Every customer has an environment on his own, any customer may have an IP subnet of his choice, so some customers may use the same subnet.


Unfortunately I can't bind traffic domains to resources in a geatway.


My current approach is, to use a intermediate network ( to route into admin partitions, using an external router. I will attach a partition shared vLan to all of these admin partitions, and an exclusive one pointing into these VPNs. I will create a lb vServer per resource inside these partitions. However, in my opinion, that's much overhead. Any idea on how to do this better? I painted a picture to show how it would work.

Current problem with the product:

  • No traffic domains for VPN ressources
  • No routing within partitions
  • No gateways inside partitions


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