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Certificate for Citrix ADC

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The standard SSL is perfectly fine (and is the cheapest) to secure the connection between users and the ADC.

The EV (Extended Validation) SSL requires more validation by DigiCert, takes a bit longer to get issued, and is more expensive.

The advantage is that it turns the browser bar green, which gives the illusion of being more secure. 

However, the encryption is not any stronger.

Multi-domain and wildcards are when you want to use a single SSL certificate to secure multiple resources.

So, if in addition to securing client connections, you also want to encrypt traffic from the ADC to your domain controllers and/or to your StoreFront servers, a wildcard certificate is usually cheapest, since it can replace many non-wildcards certs.

Some security departments don't like wildcard certificates because if it is compromised, then all the resources it protects can also be compromised.

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