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Ulayer.exe stuck on log off

Andrew Gresbach1709152664


We are running into an issue during Log off (MCS Non persistent/Full User Layer) where the user will see the session close but if we check the console of that desktop we'll see its stuck here (according to Microsoft if it has a process that it doesn't know the name for it will generically assign it "G" as far as I understand):


image.thumb.png.1b8b5f634c19cbf008ecf90294867e84.png or image.png.bc1cc1190d0d197db4aa98aea187a41d.png


Digging a little more we found using ControlUp that Ulayer.exe is stuck at around 25% CPU.   sometimes it will eventually close and the MCS VM will reboot like it should but most of the time it takes way too long and by the time the user tries to log back in right away they get in a loop since the previous vm didnt fully log off yet so user layer is locked and MCS still see's them w/ an existing session.


If i kill that Ulayer.exe process from ControlUP, the machine finishes logging off immediately so not sure what to do.   




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alright well i tried an image w/ just the OS layer and Platform layer and same issue.....it gets to where the session closes on the user end but sticks at the Signing out part in the console and hangs w/ ulayer.exe in the mid 20's for CPU for an extended amount of time (varies but anywhere from 30s to 3-4 minutes).   once that process starts to drop in CPU, it will eventually close and then everything else shuts down normally and the VM reboots

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On 12/7/2019 at 12:17 PM, Andrew Gresbach1709152664 said:

Thanks Rob.  Good question ... . Maybe I'll try an updated image, excluding Cylance and test. Does Citrix usually have any AV exclusion recommendations for the ulayer.exe process?

its looking like maybe its something in my Platform layer.   i recreated it from scratch and so far looking ok so i'll have to test more this morning.    I know i upgraded the VDA in that old version at one point so i wonder if that ticked things off a bit?  

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