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Netscaler 2FA with iOS

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I am trying to get my Netscaler with Duo to cooporate with iOS.  Currently I can use Citrix Workspace app on a PC no issues, I cannot however get it allow login in the iOS app.  Both prompt for password and passcode in the Workspace app, but the Windows client I put in my password and it sends a push.  The iOS app if I put "push" on the password field it will send a push, but it won't accept a password, either with a comma or on the other line.  Anyone have experience with this?  Current policies are: (Not Receiver) - LDAP then RADIUS.  (Receiver) - RADIUS then LDAP.


Any advice would be much appreciated!

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I dont tknow about DUO but currently iOS is the only workspace that does not support nfactor (netscaler native OTP). Android, ChromeOS, OSX, and Windows are all good. 


I'd suggest submitting an enhancement request if its not supported. You can lookup the feature matrix for all of the different workspace apps for more info.

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