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Installing USB Drivers That Requires Device to be Present

Travis Moore1709157930


I am trying to install a USB driver into my image.  I have a layer that contains all of my USB drivers.  Unfortunately, I have a printer that when I go to install the drivers, it waits for the printer to be plugged in before proceeding with the install.  I tried extracting the drives and installing them manually.  When I do this, I am able to connect to a networked printer, but the USB printer of the same model is not recognized. Here are the steps that I have taken.


1. Create Packaging platform layer.

2. Add version of the USB Drivers Layer with the packaging platform layer.

3.  Join the USB Drivers Layer to the Domain.

4.  Add the USB Drivers Layer to a Permanent Machine Catalog and assign it to a domain administrative account.

5.  Add USB Drivers Layer to a delivery group.

6. Login to USB Drivers Layer from Citrix Virtual Desktops using the administrative account.

7.  Install the necessary drivers with the device plugged in.

8. Remove the device, leaving the drivers.  Reboot the machine.

09.  From the vCenter console, log in as the local admin and remove the profile for the domain administrative account and remove the machine from the domain.  Reboot the machine.

10.  Run the NGEN update commands and reboot the machine a final time.

11.  Finalize the layer.


My issue is whenever I do this and I try to publish an image with this layer, the publishing process hangs when "Assembling the registry".  After some time, it will time out and fail.  If I revert back to the previous version of this layer that did not include the Packaging Platform Layer process, it publishes the image just fine.


Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Sorry, for the delay. At this point I hope you already opened a case with us.


We recommend using a packaging platform layer if the OS layer came from a different hypervisor than the intended destination. It would be valuable to have the ELM logs exported and someone review the data in our support team.

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