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packet flow same subnet client, vip, snip, server

Emanuele Perla

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Good morning, 


we have this scenario: 

- client with subnet: 192.168.1.x

- vip with subnet: 192.168.1.x

- snip with subnet: 192.168.1.x

- server with ip 192.168.1.x

I would like to make sure that having on the same subnet  client, vip, snip, and server can't create some communication problem between those elements.




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There should not be any problem. Citrix ADC (NetScaler) is a proxy. The client will connect to the virtual server, the ADC will use it's SNIP to connect to the backend server. So there will be 2 TCP connections: Client to VIP, SNIP to server.


This is a usual deployment in lab environments.

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