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How Management CPU Usage 100%?


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In the admin screen, the management CPU is still 100% busy.
If you look at the top command on the server, one zombie and one of the processes eat a lot.
Shutting down the underlined pid lowers the management CPU utilization to normal.
How do I deal with this?




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What size NS are you on? MPX or VPX and which model number.

Mgmt CPU reflects activity with management/log consolidation rollover.  Have you allocated an extra CPU for management (depending on appliance size and activity)

Its possible there is an issue with a feature related to logging process.  You might need tech support, if it continues or if the below articles don't help identify the underlying process.

It might be an issue with callhome (noted in first blog below).  



But try these:



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If your hypervisor allocates 2 CPU to the VM then you have 1 PPE cpu and 1 mgmt cpu. You can't increase the mgmt CPU to 2 without more vCPU resources allocated to the VM. But in this case, its probably not a bottle neck as much as some other process consuming the resources. (If you were on your own hypervisor or an SDX, you could increase the allocations as part of your troubleshooting.)


So check the references above for a possible slowdown. Are you using any features that might create more logs or file access:  callhome, appfw with learning enabled, or any custom syslog or log rollover settings that might be causing higher than expected logging behavior like acl logging.  If the CTX226784 article doesn't help you narrow it down, you might need to engage support.

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