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Citrix App Layering + Language Packs

Tim Jacobson1709159642


I'm having trouble getting a consistent user experience when I run updates in terms of language packs.  I was referring to this older thread: https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/391295-app-layering-46-and-language-packs/.


I'm not clear on the NLS files in the txt as I must have done something wrong.  At the OS layer all is good, but when the image is published (even the template before using MCS) the secondary languages are gone.  Currently I need de-DE, I added the C_1031.nls file (system32 path) to the bootfile.txt, but I must be missing something else.  Any help appreciated!

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Our documentation says that you have to install language packs on your gold image before creating an os layer but I think you might be able to install them in an OS revision.



After installing you can run C:\Program Files\Unidesk\Uniservice -B and that should add the nls file to the bootfile.txt in the same folder.  You can also add it manually. Before finalizing make sure its in there.


If that doesnt work I would open a ticket with support to see if they can help before trying to create a new OS layer unless you havent created many layers yet.

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