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Citrix ADC License limit TCP vs UDP

Michael Leeming

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Consider this scenario 


Citrix ADC 12.1 with VPX 10mbit license

1 citrix user with a session using Citrix Gateway to internal citrix will easily experience major stuttering and pixelation with a 1080p video on YouTube

While playing video ADC dashboard shows a current throughput of 11mbit up and down, so VPX bandwidth limit is clearly an issue here. 


Next step, enabling Framehawk in Citrix Studio for the site and making sure DTLS is enable on the virtual server in citrix gateway. 

Then allowing NAT of UDP 443 to the Virtual Server ip, which makes sure Framehawk is available using DTLS. 


Now opening a new clean session for 1 user again and playing the exact same YouTube video in 1080p works flawlessly, while the ADC dashboard now shows 0mbit up and down, during fullscreen playback of the video. 


Does this mean that ThinWire (always TCP) is hit hard by the license limitation of 10mbit and that Framehawk (DTLS/UDP) is not restricted to the license limit? 


Either this is a bug or by design, I hope the latter, as I have not found any specific information about UDP in license limits papers, but I did notice that "TCP Sessions" are mentioned as limited by license, so maybe UDP traffic through Citrix ADC never is. 


Anyone know the answer to this? 


PS. I'm not asking about a compare between ThinWire and Framehawk, only license limit impacts of the two (or rather license limitation differences between TCP and UDP protocol) 


Thank you

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