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Test my Citrix workspace knowledge

Stephen D. Holder




I wasn't sure where to post this question, if indeed it is in the wrong form, let me know and I'll move it.

So I'm working on my Citrix workspace knowledge (Citrix workspace service.. not Citrix workspace app.) I just did the enablement webinar from 11-14-2019. I'd like to share what I've learned and make sure I'm on the right track before I go and start explaining this to prospects. Now give me some rope here, the webinar started with the photocopier analogy and I'd like to stay with it --

Using the photocopier analogy -- what Citrix workspace does, is reduces all the photocopier buttons and features down to just the "Copy" button, with your specific purpose in mind. No longer do we have to go to Menu, Features, Accessories, Staple and then create copies. Just hit the copy button, and the magic behind the scenes does it for you, saving time.


Now, transpose the photocopier analogy into the corporate office, with the Workday app for example.. we don't have to log in workday, click through a bunch of windows, and then request time off. From our Citrix workspace GUI, we click time off and submit. Multiply this principle by X number of fragmented apps a company has and this can be a real time saver.

The linkage between Citrix workspace and Workday (or any other app/service) is established by something called a Mircoapp.. Again, give me some rope, but  Mircoapps  are the 'Amazon Dash buttons' of getting work done in the office?   But you can only connect a MicroApp to a service if it supports API.

The Mircoapp 'template' allows admins to customize and reduce the amount of guess work from an apps native source, down to a clickable  'Card'  that is presented on the Citrix workspace GUI.


Citrix Workspace bottom line: Less is more. Use what's only relevant to you.


Some things I'm not clear on --


  • When you establish a Mircoapp, are you using the global username / password of the service, or a service account / token from the API?
  • How are users able to SSO to whatever... is that handled by the magic of the API / Microapps and Active directory?
  • Do Microapp only work with SaaS platforms? A lot of the webinar was http, http, http,... didn't see anything much about linking into some legacy MS Access 2003 program for example.




Much thanks.

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