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19.11 with VMware, Office issue

John Frausto


We updated Unidesk to 19.11 last week. So far it has been working fine and much faster.


However I've ran into a problem with Office 2016 and 2010. I originally updated our OS layer with Windows updates and also updated the Unidesk scripts that came with 19.11. I then updated both Office Layers and used the new version of the OS layer, ran the script and checked the appropriate box and saved settings A-K and it was successful. I then rearmed Office. I then updated our image and used the latest OS version and latest Office version and using Offload Compositing.


When I go to launch Excel or Word, I get the box about configuring Office.


So I then made changes to the image to back to how it was originally with the older OS version and older Office version then published using Offload Compositing. I am still getting Office is configuring when I launch Excel or Word. Has anyone seen this in their environment?



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Office 365 works OK with CE enabled with Windows 10 1903. Probably due to the online activation and not KMS/MAK.


EDIT: Thinking about it further, I never update an O365 layer, I always compose a new one, so I haven't tested updating under 19.11.

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